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I am aiming for the top — Benita Nzeribe

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Beautiful Nollywood actress, Benita Nzeribe appeared at the Silver Bird entertainment galleria recently, looking as fabulous as ever. Expectedly, nosy entertainment journalists swarmed on the Ihiala-Anambra State-born actress who is popular as Bennie and wanted to know why the A-list actress has been out of action for some time now. “I have been around,” she says. Outside the red carpet area, the third child in a family of four spoke about her rumored pregnancy and reacted to the insinuation that at a point in her career, she took to playing notorious and strip-teasing roles so as to gain prominence.



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Happy 69th birthday, Harrison Ford!

Harrison Ford is so cool, he really needs no introduction.
One of the industry's best-known and most-respected actors, he rose to fame in the mid-1970s as Hans Solo in the Star Wars trilogy, then as Indiana Jones.


Quotable quotes

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Enjoy and improve your wit with these gem of quotations

Quotes on Politics
Politics is strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. It is nothing but the conduct of public affairs for private advantage. -Ambrose Bierce.


Taking my place in the palace

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Open Heavens with Pastor David Usman

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The Bible shows, among other things, how the world progresses. It begins with a garden and ends with a beautiful and Holy City - a Palace. Many people are lost in the Contemplation of the heavenly Palace, the Paradise, without working and walking towards it.


Outlasting life’s wearisome nights

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Green Pastures By Pastor T.O. Banso

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Job says, “I, too, have been assigned months of futility, long and weary nights of misery." (Job 7:3 NLT) There are indeed periods of seeming futility, long and wearisome nights of misery in the journey of life. We cannot escape it as children of God. You may be going through yours now. It has nothing to do with sin or not praying enough. This is the time when God seems far away from you. You fear the Lord; you obey His Word, yet your life does not seem to support the fact that you do. What do you do?

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