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‘Aso Man of the Year’ Award to hold Nov 25

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Desmond Agboola is the CEO of Aso Multi- Media, organisers of Queen of Aso and Little Queen of Aso pageants. In this interview with Maryam Garba Hassan in Abuja, he talks about the activities of the organisation and the plan to celebrate worthy Nigerian leaders soon. Excerpts:


Hollywood/Nollywood/Kannywood WEEK 57

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Choc Boys or EME Boys to Front Hennessy Artistry 2011?

We've not heard anything from the organisers, but sources are saying that this year's edition of the popular Hennessy Artistry will kick off any moment from now.



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Short story Source: Horned Animals Only: Rapid Reading series

Two boys were born on the very same day in an African tribe, and they grew up to be firm friends. Ndemi was the rich one. Jinjo was poor. They looked so alike that nobody could tell the one from the other.


Directors and producers need more knowledge on film making, says Fauziyya

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Many producers and directors have experience as an actor, writer, film editor, or business manager.  But some don't have formal training in directing and producing. In this interview with Maryam Garba Hassan and Miriam Humbe, Fausiyya feels very strongly about this issue and says, "Our film producers and directors need more knowledge on the craft".


Breaking your fast with tasteful foods and drinks at Ramadan

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Acca porridge

2 Cups of acca,
2 large carrots
¼ of a medium cabbage
1 large onion

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