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Patrick-Jude Oteh



It has been three years of

the chase of a personal

dream. The Kennedy Center had been at the center of my dreams since 1999. This particular opportunity was to work and school there within that most beautiful and confusing of edifices. I am leaving very fulfilled and dreamy eyed. I dream of all the things I had been taught in the last three years. I dream of all the possibilities and I dream of all the challenges including sharing my work in the coming years with a wider group of people who hopefully will get the opportunity one day to end up at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


One Summer emphasises parental care in children growth

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By Joan Okolie


One Summer" is the

story of how Jack and

his children begin rebuilding their lives during that summer on the beach. It isn’t easy. Jack is living in the past quite a bit, spending most of his time fixing up an old lighthouse that his wife had loved rather than getting to know his children again. Meanwhile, his 16-year-old daughter is facing her own struggles navigating the beach’s social scene and needs her father more than ever.


GIABA's battles against money laundering and terrorist

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By Bayo Alabira, Jos

Nigeria is a nation full of the nouveau-riche, who not only lack the upper-class breeding to go with their stupendous wealth, but they can also not honesty explain its source.


Understanding how to deal with pretentious people

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Pretentiousness is the act of overstating ones value, importance or impact on their environment or social group. In essence, it is what bored people do to make the boring seem livable.


How to cook banga soup

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CUISINE with Miriam Humbe

Banga soup or Ofe Akwu, is native to the Niger Delta and the South-eastern parts of Nigeria. In the Niger Delta areas, Banga soup is commonly eaten with various foofoo recipes - pounded yam, semolina, garri and cassava foofoo. In the South Eastern parts of Nigeria, banga soup is referred to as Ofe Akwu where Ofe means soup/stew and Akwu means palm fruit and is used mainly as stew for the white rice recipe.

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