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Why your dining table can't serve its purpose

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Pots & Pans With Hajiya Ramatu Usman Dorayi

If your home functions like most people's homes, your dining table isn't used just for eating. In addition to providing a dining space, our table is used for meal preparation, our children's colouring surface, an alternate work station if you need a change of space from your desks, a hang out spot to sit and read,


Appetizers: Finger foods before meal

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Pots & Pans by With Hajiya Ramatu Usman Dorayi

Toasted mushroom sandwiches

Starting the day with a delicious toasted mushroom sandwich is one great idea one should absolutely take into consideration when adopting a healthy diet. In addition to that, for all its healthy ingredients, and the easy-to-handle preparation, it is not just a great alternative for breakfast, but also a great appetizer idea too.


Corn deserves regular place on your table

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Cuisine by Pots & Pans With Hajiya Ramatu Usman Dorayi

Corn, one of the most popular and versatile vegetables is here again. It is also a good source of several nutrients. It is a low-fat complex carbohydrate that deserves a regular place on any healthy table.  It is a body building food and helpful in kidney problems including renal dysfunction. Corn bran is a heart protector, when eaten everyday it can lower cholesterol in the body. Cornstarch can prevent diaper rash. It is also beneficial in anemia and constipation.


Cooking cabbage, the way you like it

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You don't need to attend culinary school to learn how to cook cabbage. It can be as easy as quartering a head of cabbage and placing the cabbage wedge in a pot of boiling water. Once cooked, all that is needed is a little butter, salt, and pepper. Apart from the salt and butter, you could add potatoes, corned beef, cooked shrimps, fish and spices for a unique taste.


Stomach soothing juice

Need a vegetable juicing recipe to ease a stomach ache? Try this:
* Juice ½ head of cabbage (save the pulp for Cole slaw).
* Juice 1 beet with the greens and save the pulp for later use.
* Juice 2 large kiwis.
* Mix all juices together in your fruit and vegetable juicer and you’ll have 2 ½ cups of delicious juice good for your heart, circulation, blood pressure, cancer prevention and digestion.


Breakfast sweets to start the day

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Pots & Pans With Hajiya Ramatu Usman Dorayi

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but is also linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. But keep it light, a glass of milk, tea or orange drink with a raspberry roll will do, or Sticky buns.

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