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Barbie: The story behind the show

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Surprisingly, female kids are now conscious about their look; they even have their own fashion statements. To get it right, they have role models who they learn from and imitate. One sure role model female kids look up to is Barbie. Although, it is a doll, but children especially girls learn and copy fashion style of this doll which is Barbie.


Short story: The unappreciative father (1)

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By Aunty A'isha



Tanwa got married to Dotun with hopes that they are going to live happily ever after. Dotun too was happy with Tanwa especially when she conceived of pregnancy.


The magic flower

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There existed a beautiful garden owned by an old gardener, who planted and took good care of different kinds of flowers. The flowers grew and blossomed during the rainy seasons.

Every year, the generous gardener would open the gate to the garden for people and allow them to take dozens of different flowers until one season when the gardener woke up and found a beautiful and nice smelling flower spreading everywhere in the garden. He moved close and made to touch one of the flowers but the flower closed up and started dripping water out of it. The gardener was amazed when he saw water dripping out of the flowers. When the water touched his hands, all the wrinkles on his frail hands disappeared and the old man turned young.


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