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Global moon sighting: A reality or hoax? (II)

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Islam Explained By Husain Zakariyya Yawale

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Allah says:
“It is He who made the Sun to be a shining glory and the Moon to be a light (of beauty), and measured out in stages for her; that ye might know the number of years and the count (of time). Nowise did Allah create This but In truth and righteousness. (thus) doth He explain His Signs In detail, for those who understand.” [Yunus: 5]


Book reading enhance change in mental reasoning, says Umaisha

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It was indeed an exciting and memorable day at the Umaisha’s Hoodlum public presentation recently held in Abuja as the writer lights up fire in the heart of everyone with his keen sense of observations and invoking use of ironic words in a respected but refreshing twist in writing his literary creative piece.


The myth of Sisyphus and other madness

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From The Live Stage with Patrick-Jude Oteh

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Sisyphus was the mythical creature in Greek mythology that the gods wanted to punish for giving the gift of fire to mere mortals. Fire was the exclusive preserve of the gods until Sisyphus in a moment of creative ingenuity decided to share this gift with human beings.



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Title:  Hopelesnesss and Greed on the throne

PEOPLE: We are suffering.
KING: Suffering is a subject of definition.
PEOPLE: What do you called lack of basic amenities?
KING: Ungratefulness on your part.
PEOPLE: How? Is it our fault that the rules no longer apply?
KING: I decide which rule is applicable.


Play reading session: Attah’s Casket of Her Dreams

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By Joan Okolie

After a successful celebration of the 77 birthday of Professor Wole Soyinka with last edition of the Play Reading Party, our next Guest Playwright is Nassarawa based legal Practitioner and award winning playwright, Isaac Attah Ogezi.

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