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How to protect and recover your stolen Laptop (2)

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In case, someone who has kept his eyes on your belongings takes advantage of your absence, you can't even identify the culprit. Interestingly, the anti theft software on your laptop will help you to receive the regular alerts, along with the pictures of the current user of your laptop, and exact Wi-Fi location. Therefore, installing such software can be beneficial for recovering the laptop as well as the other precious possessions from the thief, and prove the theft in the court, as well.
There are various types of anti theft software and one has to consider the following things before choosing the best one for personal use:
-Your software must remain hidden from the eyes of third party users, which means that if the software run on stealth mode, it will not come into the notice of anyone else.
-It will be make laptop thief unaware of the fact that someone is spying on him, and sending information regarding his all activities.
-If the theft recovery software is technically sound, it will start sending alerts at regular intervals of time, as soon as you activate it from a remote computer.
-Your software should allow you to retrieve the data stored on your laptop, delete, hide, or move it to some other location, it is going to be an added benefit.
-Providing the information about the exact location, and clicking the pictures of the surroundings by using the web cam integrated on your laptop is yet another desirable feature that must be present on your anti theft software.
Imagine how relaxing it would be to recover your lost laptop, without losing any time and without facing any data loss.
Secondly, mind where you place your laptop when not in use. This is probably one of the things that many laptop users overlook the most. I don't know about you, but I like knowing that my laptop is in a closet that is secure. If you are using your laptop in an open office or populated environment, make sure whenever you stand up, it's with your laptop, just like your mobile phone!
Get a protective case, normally laptop bag. For many people, the next thing they purchase after buying a new phone is a protective case. Why shouldn't the same thing apply when buying a laptop?  There are so many laptop bags for all brands and models of laptops these days that you will certainly not lack for choices. Of course, the durability and toughness of the bag should be your main priority, but with the number of choices you have.

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