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Do not be a victim!

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ICT ESSENCE with Bello Abdul’Azeez

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Simple info for operating safely in an interconnected world. Everyone is becoming gadget savvy on a daily basis. This is the season where interconnecting service is becoming a way of life! Gadget shops are reaping profits on every sale. Smiles and laughter are now part of gadget seller’s structured faces. It’s likely that Internet-enabled gadgets will be on the top of everyone’s wish and even as gift giving lists.
We are in a world of advance cyber profile robbers (thieves), gadgets these days are connect to the Internet in even faster ways than their predecessors; thus, providing a convenient way for cyber adversaries to acquire your sensitive information. Beyond exposing personal information to unknown adversaries, these devices can also serve as a gateway into your home network and quite possibly reach into your work network as well.
You must serve as the first line of defense. To do so, you need to understand the vulnerabilities your gadgets expose. It is possible to safely enjoy your new iPhones and other smart phones, Blackberries, iPads other tablet devices, routers, computers, and even nowadays smart internet connected TVs. If you follow the instructions from the vendor provided “out-of-box” security with the following simple techniques from my blog, your personal information and your devices will be much more secure, thereby giving you a little peace of mind.
Here are a few of the topics I will cover in this series, and check back regularly for additional topics.
iPhones (Smart Phones)
That your precious iPhone must be protected, no! no!! no!!!, I don’t mean from “pick-pockets” I mean iPhone viruses, they are here, and becoming infected can be as simple as opening a malicious SMS message. If your iPhone becomes infected with this virus, the malicious entity could obtain remote control over your phone. This problem isn’t isolated to iPhones however, other smart phones, like an Android, are just as susceptible to the same kind of attack. Your device can fall victim to viruses if your phone is not properly patched or secured.
iPad (Tablets)
iPads are increasing in popularity, I’ll soon get mine. They are convenient, lightweight and portable, and boast a fast processor for accessing favorite programs or browsing the web without delay. Be careful though! These devices run on similar technology to your iPhones and Computers, and are susceptible to same kinds of attacks. Browsing to a malicious website using “Safari” can infect your iPad the very same way it could if you browsed using your laptop.
Ladies’ iRobot! “Blackberries have the power to make a combination of work and life flow smoother and quicker. Like other Smart Phones on the market, the business person’s phone is not immune to attacks from malicious actors. Zeus is an example of a Trojan virus that targets Blackberry owners. A recent variant of Zeus has been known to do harmful things to the device such as turning it on and off, blocking phone calls, and sending SMS messages to expensive phone numbers.
Who doesn’t love a new computer? Whether it is for gaming, for work, watching a favorite show, or browsing your favorite sports site for news and scores, these new systems can’t be beat. Most computers are coming packaged with 30 day free trials to Anti-virus companies, which is great, but that is only a first step toward making sure your computer is secure. Almost daily a new Trojan or Worm propagates throughout the Internet causing harm to many unsuspecting victims, and each is more harmful than the previous.
New gadgets expose new vulnerabilities. So, what are you going to do to protect yourself? Never connect to the Internet? Of course not… Embrace new technology and maximize the value of your investment, but respect the risk of exposure by remaining vigilant and adequately protecting yourself.
Stay glued to the site. I’ll tell you how.



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