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This home shall not fail under our watch

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Guest Columnist by Hon. Justice Dahiru Musdapher

The lack of public confidence in the judiciary is the beginning of the end of society
— De Balzac


The bench on which I have sat for 32 years is my home. And though I am approaching the final mile of my life and career on the bench, it shall FOREVER remain part of my being. Therefore, permit me to first of all assure you that my home; our home; the last hope of the common man, the Nigerian Judiciary, shall not fail under our watch.

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The 9/11 decade

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Ibraheem Sulaiman



'Now as for [the tribe of) 'Ad, they walked arrogantly on earth, [offending] against all right, and saying, "Who could have a power greater than ours?" Why - were they, then, not aware that God, who created them, had a power greater than theirs?' [Quran 41:15]


Senate probe and vindication of the just

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By Lanre Odetola


There is something about            lying, especially when    deployed as a tool of propaganda by politicians who operate from the other side of the moral divide. Vladimir Lenin, the Russian revolutionary and founder of the Soviet Communist Party, once famously remarked that a "lie told often enough becomes truth".


Dignity of human life begins at home

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Guest Columnist by Farouk-Martins Aresa

The day we give up is the day we start to die. If human life means nothing to us at home, our children will continue to risk it all to do just anything in foreign lands and they will be deported back to us in shame and shackles.


Beyond the UNEP report

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President Goodluck                        Jonathan recently                            constituted a special committee on oil pollution in Ogoniland, according to him, to do a "holistic review of the UNEP report." The committee is chaired by Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke, Minister of Petroleum Resources and former Shell Oil Company employee.

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