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Needed: A Fools’ Party of Nigeria (FPN)

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Guest Columnist By Jude Egbas

My agric teacher in Form 2 was a scar faced, middle aged man who seemed to walk by break dancing. The way he moved so funny and uncommon most of my classmates acted it out on our sandy playground. Till this day, several years after, an old friend has become so accustomed to strutting that way.


Oil: Mr.President’s new dance step

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Ifeanyi Izeze



In less than a month, President Goodluck Jonathan raised two issues -single tenure and withdrawal of fuel subsidy. And curiously, each was as controversial as the other and actually very far from the immediate and pressing problems that needed to be addressed if for nothing at least to show Nigerians that this government is here to work in their interest.


The Nigeria that I see

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Guest Columnist by Olumide Goodness Adeyinka

W hat you read here is not a prophetic declaration from a known prophet but it is more than what the eyes do see. I was not taken to the seventh heaven to behold what I claim to see but it transcends what an ordinary man can claim to see. This is a vision for those whose eyes are well above their heads, and their retina interprets beyond their cerebrum.

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Jonathan’s hidden manifesto

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Ifeanyi Izeze


Goodluck Jonathan first became Nigeria’s President in May, 2010 by happenstance when he assumed office after the death of his boss, President Umaru Yar’Adua. Then he was "freed and faired" into power as substantive president in the 2011 general elections and was sworn-in for his "first term" of office on 29, May, 2011.


Yoruba political holocaust, so what?

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Guest Columnist by Taju Tijani

In few weeks time President Goodluck Jonathan and his government will bang glasses of champagne as homage to his first 100 days in power after the April presidential election. But the Yoruba race is not amused. They are still in tremor and roiling in hubris over a farcically bogus exchange of political baton orchestrated by political forces bent on neutralising the atomic power of Yoruba land in the present democratic process.

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