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Is ANPP cursed?

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Musings by Garba Shehu

I am one of those who paid little attention to the self-immolation of the country’s second biggest party, the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP until it embarked on a more destructive lane. Has anyone noticed them carrying a presidential campaign? I mean the current electioneering campaign too ashamed to be associated with their presidential candidate? Does the party think it will be taken seriously by Nigerians when it runs a presidential campaign using anonymous sources? It’s incredible.


Plateau needs Tallen, a mother

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Musings By Garba Shehu

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Brace yourself for the first-ever elected female state governor in the federation. Pauline Tallen of the Labour Party, LP seems almost certain to become the next governor of the much-troubled Plateau state.


Governors’ change of spare tyres

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An American humorist writer once described the job of vice-president as “the last cookie on the plate; nobody wants to have it but somebody eventually does.” This seems to be the reality facing the office of deputy governors. A former deputy governor to late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua (then Governor of Katsina state), Alhaji Tukur Jikamshi resigned the job and called for the scrapping of that office in the constitution. His experience reflects the larger picture of frustration deputy governors face, thus their jobs are regarded as unenviable.


A fuller view of Katsina-Alu

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musings by Garba Shehu

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When I wrote the column “Judicial Hurricane: PDP 1, ACN 1” I never envisaged the sort of passionate responses I have been receiving.


Judicial Hurricane: PDP 1, ACN 1

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Being a non-lawyer, I don’t know the nuances of a good judge. But, to me, as a layman, it is an act of bad judgement, for the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Katsina-Alu to meddle in the lower courts, asking that judgments be given in favour of one party or the other.

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