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Boko Haram: Jonathan, enough of the sound bites

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It is about two months to the deadline given by President Goodluck Jonathan for his government to bring the Boko Haram insurgency to an end but it is becoming clear that there is no sign that the promise will be kept. If the president is a man whose word is his bond then we can assume that whenever he retires at the end of each day, he would be deeply regretting making a pledge that he knew he could not keep.


Netanyahu’s reckless Armageddon statement

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Over the past couple of months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defence Minister Ehud Barak have really lived up to their image of unapologetic hawks ratcheting war mongering statements regarding Iran's nuclear programme, which the Islamic Republic insists is for peaceful purposes, but which the Zionist state and its guardian angels, notably US, UK and France argue that it is for the purpose of producing (nuclear) weapons. 


The Oronsaye Committee report

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Monday last week, the Presidential Committee on the Restructuring and Rationalisation of Federal Agencies, Commissions and Parastatals, chaired by Mr. Stephen Oronsaye, former Head of Service of the Federation, handed in its report to the President who set it up.


South Sudan/Sudan clash

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In the run-up to the referendum of the independence of the then Southern Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir promised that if the southerners vote yes, Khartoum would be the first country to open a diplomatic mission.


Stop the racketeering in Hajj seats

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Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam, a religious duty that is made obligatory on every sane and healthy Muslim (male or female), who possesses the financial resources to make the trip to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims converge on the city for a week or more to perform a series of religious rituals.

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