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Africa: How African dictators corrupt European politics

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By Michael Schmidt

It is not only African presidents who are corrupted by European aid-with-strings-attached. Evidence abounds showing a secret and extensive "suitcase" system in which millions of dollars are sent by African dictators to corrupt the European political process.


State crime and street crime: Two sides of one coin? (II)

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By Philip Rizkki

One Saudi entrepreneur admitted openly when he was taken to the court that he paid as much on the books as under the table to government officials, when he purchased the Omar Effendi store chain. With the lack of any serious judicial inquiries or punishment of the beneficiaries of these deals, public funds remain in personal bank accounts, while workers who invested their lives remain on the streets.


Can Israel survive?

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By MJ Rosenberg

The occupation and the Iran nuclear issue have swallowed up Israel. Unless you live there, the only sense you get of that country is that it is obsessed with Iran, maintaining the occupation and exploiting the Holocaust to keep critics of its policies on the defensive. No wonder a billionaire-financed organisation has to pay for college students to visit Israel. Without the "subsidy", who would voluntarily go to a place that its advocates portray as a combination of war zone and Holocaust memorial?


Deposed Malian president flees to Senegal

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Mali’s deposed pesident, Amadou Toumani Toure, has left the country for Senegal along with his family, according to state radio.


US: Shadowy world of racial contradictions

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By Fawaz Turki

America may not witness another "trial of the century" later this year when George Zimmerman, a white-Hispanic American, appears in court to be tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin, an African American teenager, but the country is surely poised for another "O.J. Simpson moment" -

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