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Azumini Blue River: Beautiful and alluring river of the mermaids

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By Richard Ihediwa with agency reports

You can talk of the blue sea; but ever seen a blue river? Of course there is and it is in Nigeria. It is the Azumini Blue River. This beautiful river, which has become one of the major tourist attractions in the country, flows from the southern part of Abia state to the fringes of Akwa-Ibom state.


Aba by bus

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  • When bus ride became adventure and entertainment

By Richard Ihediwa

Recently, I had an urgent need to travel to Aba, Abia state.  I had just received the news of the death of my godmother and needed to dash to the village in the outskirt of Aba on a Saturday to organise things for the burial.


Boko Haram challenge: Are check points the answer?

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By  Ali Alkali

Journeys are part of human existence. Man is always on the move, either to change abode or explore other opportunities for making his life better. Equally, the earliest history is recorded by explorers who spent their lives on the move.


Hajj 2011 in retrospect

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By Alhaji Abdullah Taufiq Bola Ojuolape

Hajj is the last pillar of the Islamic five pillars which ought to be performed once in the life time of a Muslim, as enjoined by the Holy Prophet (SAW).


Katsina: In the eyes of a first time visitor

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By A'isha Biola Raji

The most important values my parents, especially my late grandfather (may Allah rest his soul) taught me and my parents are love and respect for humanity. This was exemplified at a recent visit to Katsina state on assignment.

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