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Desktop vs Laptop computers

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Hey! Who says laptops are stronger than desktop computers? Oh! you mean desktops occupy space than laptops? Why don’t you check out the costs of each and decide which one the size of your pocket will smile at!

Now lets’ see. Deciding which type of computer to go for is often a decision that most aspiring users face on a daily basis. We tend to enter the computer sales shop without first asking questions on what the aims and objective of having this smart machine are and what one intends to achieve with it.

Although it is a matter of choice to some while others depend on the type of occupational activities they are into, the first thing that must come to one’s mind is his or her computer related demands. If you are the type that travel a lot and always in need to access a computer, laptop is the only way to be more efficient.

Laptops provide portability in terms of size and can even fit into anywhere in your suitcase and hand bags while desktop computers provide you with all you need but from a fixed location.

Portability, which is a huge benefit of a laptop computer also allow you to take your computer to and from work, on planes, on leisure trips and practically anywhere else. However, along with this benefit comes a large drawback. It is just as easy to for someone else to walk off with your life long works on the laptop.

Laptops are stolen at an alarming rate, because of this so-called portability, which make it easy to pick up and zap!
Another major dilemma about laptops is that they are expensive to fix when they start having problems. On the other hand, desktops are easier and cheaper to fix.

Laptops are usually more expensive than desktop computers. In fact you can buy two strong and powerful desktop computers with the cost of one single laptop, but what’s the worth of it, simply because you can go to leisure parks and beaches, enter taxies while typing your documents and all that merry-go-round-techwork!.

However, we should not ignore that a desktop computer has several advantages over a laptop. First, the sensitivity of desktop is far friendlier than a stern laptop. Even at the slightest shock can render a laptop redundant. Secondly, you don’t have to break a bank simply because you want to buy a computer for your needs; desktop computers are not as expensive as laptops. Thirdly, cost of repairs, maintenance and services are not as expensive as laptops. You can simply replace any faulty part of the desktop, unlike laptop that will require the service of an authorized service centre and pay a good amount to get it fixed.

However, laptops seem to have a very good advantage over desktop computers when it comes to energy saver. This is because they are equipped with long lasting battery life. As for desktops, everything goes off. Sorry, if you did not save your work, then it will be as if you are dreaming. The only solution is to buy additional UPS to support your desktop from sudden power outage and other power related problems.

A tip for you! When buying a computer system, make sure you choose wisely, test run it, but from a reliable computer sales centre. Refurbished ones are out there on the street, don’t fall victim. Make sure you check all the available labels for their originality and specifications. If you are not sure of which specifications to purchase, ask the experts.

Next week, we will be digging into what to watch out for when buying a new laptop computer.

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