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2011, 5th columnists and progressive politics

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By Abdullahi Garba

In this season of campaigns, it is an open field for all manner of media onslaughts on the leading lights of Nigeria’s democratic dispensation. The higher the position of responsibility, the more vicious the vendetta, all in a futile bid to circumvent the electoral process by misleading the people in order to get through the media what cannot be obtained in free and fair elections.


Electoral Act Amendment: Treating voters with contempt (I)

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By Shehu Nasir Danbatta

Despite the widespread rejection of the attempt to amend the Electoral Act 2010 by the National Assembly, the federal lawmakers seem pig-headed in their determination to pooh-pooh public opinion, which was stoutly expressed during the public hearing on the issue. If truly they are the people’s representatives or indeed, if they were genuinely elected into offices, these legislative tyrants would have heeded public sentiments. As Oliver Goldsmith noted, two persons can go against public opinion: a man of absolute integrity or a mad man”.


Dr Tafida: Ambassador Extraordinary

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In April of this year Gordon Brown, then the British Prime Minister made a terrible mistake. He was caught on microphone describing a pensioner he had just spoken to as a “bigoted woman”.


Can napep end poverty in Nigeria?

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By Emmanuel Yawe

signature tune for Prof Dora Akunyulii’s rebranding programme is: Nigeria - Great Country, Good People. Critics who think the Minister of Information is wasting our time and resources have responded by coining their own. Nigeria: rich country, poor people.


Tyranny of the National Assembly

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By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

It is true that the remunerations of members of the Nigerian National Assembly are unacceptable. By the confession of the spokesman of the Senate, Ayogu Eze, the recurrent expenditure of the National Assembly in the 2010 budget was N 158 billion, which is 3.5 percent of the entire federal budget of N 4.4 trillion.

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