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The game of poster aspirants

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By Bashir Bashir

Seasonally, like all things of this nature, which appear and disappear into thin air, until the wind changes course again, they show up on the political terrain, clutching their inconsequential “holy sheets”, some miserable looking posters, scattered on neighbours walls, declaring them aspirants, giving relatives and friends some laughter.


Fortune hunters as support groups

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By Joe Ezuma

The experiences of many reporters since the commencement of campaigning for the 2011 general elections range from the funny to the ridiculous.


Jonathan versus Atiku

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By Abdulrahman Abdulraheem

Aside the demise of frontline nationalist, Chief Anthony Enahoro, that hugged all the headlines on Thursday, last week was another round of politicking by the President, governors and other 2011 gladiators, who succeeded in relegating issues of state to the background in favour of their respective ambitions.


Female genital mutilation must be abolished

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By Emmanuel Ajibulu

The basic question of whether a practice is harmful or necessary is often hotly debated; debates that sometimes rely on simplistic divisions between “Western” and local medical values. In many cases, this division masks more complicated reasons for defending harmful practices, the victims of which tend to be women and children and others who are less powerful in their society. These reasons often include power struggles, local and national politics, and/or lack of understanding about the risks of the practice among other things.


Dora Akunyili as Atiku’s Vice-Presidential running mate?

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By Sunday Njokede

Public Amazement: Dora’s senatorship jingle-bell might be the wool this smart brainiac is employing to cover your eyes from seeing some secret plan. Dora is too wise to leave PDP like that and commit political apostasy with her eyes wide open. There’s more magic here only Wiki-Leak could unlock.

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