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Plugging the leadership gap: Options for Nigeria (I)

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By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

Societies make progress when visionary leaders emerge to organize and direct collective actions for peaceful coexistence, with sensible rules, clear incentives and sanctions that enable individuals realize their full potentials.


Palestine: Jonathan in the jaws of the American crocodile

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By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

The resolve of Jonathan and his administration will soon be tested in the area of foreign policy. Nigeria's vote will be essential for the recognition of a Palestinian State by the Security Council. If history is anything to go by, Nigeria will side with the Palestinians. However, I am beginning to sense that the possibility of the Jonathan administration to abandon our historical tradition of supporting the cause of freedom across the world is also high. This short essay is an attempt to alert Nigerians who believe in such a cause of the impending danger that their country stands the danger of becoming the tool that would scuttle the noble objective of Palestinian independence.


Perspectives on the cost of governance in a democracy (1)

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By Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai

A worthy opportunity I thank you for inviting me to this conference. I consider the invitation a worthy opportunity to be in the midst of distinguished gentlemen and ladies of the pen who literally have the final say on what appears in our newspapers, and in that sense, to some extent what we know and do not.  Our interactions today would afford me the opportunity to meet with you all under a single roof to exchange ideas not only on the chosen topic but on the efficacious position of the media as the ombudsman of our democracy. This role, if handled responsibly in tandem with the ethics of your profession, should serve as a check on the excesses of those in power. 


Integrating albinos into nation's development process

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Among adolescents especially, the skin condition -- albinism, provokes a curious fascination, often leading to jeering by peers, who view it as a strange phenomenon. From time immemorial, a person with such skin condition had been derogatorily called african european, oyibo, ebo, afin, ayarin - all euphemisms that are nauseating to a person living with such skin condition.


American dream or Americans dreaming?

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By Harlan Ullman

Sometimes, delusion, self-deception and outright denial can dominate the public's psyche. As the U.S. economy stutters, unemployment refuses to budge and the 10th anniversary of September 11th looms, many Americans question or challenge the notion of the American Dream. For too many, that vision is, today, elusive or unobtainable. In compensation perhaps, America's past successes are often exaggerated or distorted.

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