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Sophistry of the highest order by Nasir el-Rufai!

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By Oladeinde Collins Ehimiaghe


I find it very difficult to understand why and how we can deregulate without first removing distortion in the market especially where government subsidy is the single most important factor in the pricing of petroleum products in the country.


Moment of truth and positive action on Pfizer clinical trial

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By Mustapha Maisikeli


The Trvan Victims Forum) now (KANO TROVAN VICTIMS ASSOCIATION 'KTVA') was established and registered in 2006, as an independent association of downtrodden victims of the 1996 Pfizer failed Trovan clinical trial in Kano State. It was formed out of the necessity to identify, organise and present a united front for justice agitation, in respect of the unfortunate consequences of the trial carried out on the victims who were used as guinea pigs by Pfizer. The Association's existence furthermore, became necessary in order to provide voice for the victims themselves.


Zanga Zanga

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By Dr. Aliyu Tilde

Last Tuesday, the Occupy Nigeria protests against fuel subsidy removal (FSR) entered its second day. It has been a resounding success. Never in the past fifty years of my life have I seen the country absolutely shut down by a consensus of its citizens like this. Nigerians have proved to the world, and convinced themselves now, that despite their differences they collectively harbour their country in their hearts. They are not ready to sacrifice their welfare at the altar of some meaningless ethnic differences. Bravo!


Jonathan and the security of Nigerian Christians

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By Dr. Aliyu Tilde

The latest revelation by the President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Oritsejefor, calls for instant comment even as the country braces up for a shutdown by its labour unions tomorrow. I am afraid that this voice will be drowned in the sea of the ongoing protests on fuel subsidy removal. It is unfortunate that the nation has to face the two weighty issues simultaneously due to the incompetence of its leadership. The situation doesn't allow us to sacrifice one for the sake of the other.


Who will deliver Nigeria from this bad luck?

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By Nasir el-Rufai

When President Olusegun Obasanjo was in power we spent N300 billion per year on the fuel subsidy. Under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan it shot up to N1.3 trillion in the last one year alone. Can someone please explain to me how it got so high in four years and what exactly they were subsidising with the extra one trillion naira?

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