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Man slept next to dead wife for 5 years

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A Vietnamese man dug up his wife's body, molded it with clay into a female figure and put it in his bed so he could hug it every night for the past five years.


Schoolgirl, 12, has to eat double her bodyweight in cornflower every year or will slip into a coma

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Chrissie Augrandjean suffers from rare glycogen storage disease. A schoolgirl who suffers from a rare liver disorder must eat nearly twice her bodyweight in raw cornflour every year just to stay alive.

Chrissie Augrandjean, from Clacton, Essex, is one of just a handful of children in the UK who suffer from glycogen storage disease.


Daredevil breaks world record after balancing 23 benches on just his teeth

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A Chinese daredevil has broken a Guinness World Record after balancing a staggering 23 wooden benches on just his teeth in Chongqing, China.

Thirty-year-old Li Hongxiao has been balancing objects in his mouth since he was a child.


Zimbabwean son and mother want to get married

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Augustine Aminu with agency report

Maybe, the world is actually coming to an end. Even the Christian Bible recorded that in the latter days, evil shall increase and men shall be caught up with many abnormal preferences.


Isolated Peru tribe makes uncomfortable contact

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Peruvian authorities say they are struggling to keep outsiders away from a clan of previously isolated Amazon Indians who began appearing on the banks of a jungle river popular with environmental tourists last year.

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