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Russian kids with a death wish bungee-sled off block of flats

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A group of kids in Russia have taken snow-sledging to the extreme, firing a friend off the roof of a high-rise tenement building attached only to a bungee rope.


Polish policeman fines himself for walking on railway to meet daily quota

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A Polish policeman has given himself a fine so he could meet the quota of one fine-per-day set down by his chief.


Library book that should have been returned 74 years ago had £1,700 fee

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A library was surprised to be handed back a book that was loaned out in 1936, and even more shocked when the 95-year-old woman returning the aged tome offered to pay back the full £1,700 overdue fee


Family covered in 25 litres of white paint after crashing car

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Four family members had a lucky escape after crashing into another car - but they did end up being smothered in almost 25 litres of white emulsion paint.


Santa Claus fired for telling ‘naughty’ joke to grown-up customers

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Supermarket Santa Claus John Toomey was fired from his job after telling a naughty joke that didn’t impress his grown-up customers.

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