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Man unwittingly becomes getaway driver in robbery

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A well-meaning man in the US has found himself embroiled in a bank robbery, after giving an elderly woman a lift to the Elysian State Bank in Minnesota.


Hermaphrodite dog has sex change to become female

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A hermaphrodite dog has =had a sex change to become a female after vets realised it was born with organs for both genders.


Chinese chicken lays bowling-pin shaped egg

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A man in China was amazed when his chicken laid a bowling-pin shaped egg.


Meet Heidi the cross-eyed opossum

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An opossum has been spotted looking a tad confused as it entered its new tropical house at a zoo in Odense, Germany.


Author travels the world searching for best views from the toilet

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Potty author Luke Barclay has scoured the globe to log a guide of the most spectacular views – from the toilet.

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