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Stolen equipment meant for NATO troops in Afghanistan turns up in Pakistan market

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Military equipment destined for troops in Afghanistan is being sold at a market in Pakistan, it has emerged. Karkhano market, on the outskirts of Peshawar, has become infamous as a place to shop for stolen Nato goods at knockdown prices.
Items on sale include army knives, night flares, first aid kits, tool kits and bullet proof vests.
Hundreds of file jackets are available and American stationery destined for the army as well as certificates which had been awarded to Japanese or Korean soldiers.
Military insect repellants, specially designed for use in Afghanistan are also a big hit with the locals.
Other items available include underwear, feather pillows, coffee beans, hand sanitisers, hand cuffs, batons and search lights.
A market vendor, who asked not to be named, said demand for new and used military accessories is by far the highest attracting buyers from all over Pakistan.
Revision military grade Sawfly protective glasses with three frames to be used in different visibilities: clear, smoke, and glare are among the most popular items.
Mujeebullah Sheikh, a spokesman for the Karkhano market traders association, confirmed most of the goods come from Nato trucks which are plundered on the border.
Another supply comes from an area near the Baghram air base, where entire containers are brought and auctioned off.
Another trader, Khawaja Maroof Chishti, said a few years ago the market was barren but the onset of Nato supplies and their subsequent plundering and selling have made Sitara market - part of Karkhano -  the most attractive of the entire complex.
His life has been completely turned around with the vast profit margins to be made from Nato goods.
People are willing to pay whatever he asks for, he said.
He adds that the recent blockage of Nato land supply routes has affected business and they are being forced to buy their stock from the Baghram air base which is costlier and involves transport costs as well.
He is hopeful land supply routes will be open soon, so business can return to normal.
Shopping at Sitara market is risky.
The area has been repeatedly targeted by militants who have used kidnapping, bombings and suicide attacks.
The police check-post has also been attacked on numerous occasions.
Many innocent people have lost their lives and many more have been injured.
In the wrong hands: Most of the goods on sale at Karkhano market come from Nato trucks which are plundered
Still people continue to visit the market.
Another shopkeeper, who asked not to be named, said he has also has foreign customers.
The last time the market was so vibrant was during the soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
Karkhano market is a sprawling maze of dusty old buildings, cramped together on Jamrud Road, which passes into the Khyber Agency (Federally Administered Tribal Area), and onwards into Afghanistan, 40 minutes away.
Each stall offers something different from electronics and crockery to cloth and spices.
Source: Dailymail.co.uk



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