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Preparing for Pregnancy

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Getting your body baby-ready

If you’re trying to get pregnant, that might be a good window in which to really turn around and get healthy, so that you’re preparing the body for the baby and you, and also setting a pattern for lifelong health. — Vandana Sheth, registered dietitian, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association


Importance of exercise in children

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With the usage of modern machines and equipments in daily life, day to day work has become easy and hassle free .But physical exercise has gone for a toss that results into various ailments. But no one can question about the positive side of physical exercise in human body. Everyday exercise makes your body healthy in whatever age bracket you may fall.


One bite from a cat can put you on the critical list

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A few weeks ago I was at my friend Helena’s house playing with her cat, Mr Fluff, when he suddenly lashed out. Mr Fluff is a cutie, but he’s a very aggressive moggie — and has been confirmed as semi-feral by a cat behaviouralist.


Why having an overweight mother could lead to you being obese as an adult

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Overweight mothers-to-be could be condemning their unborn children to decades of ill-health. Research has shown that men and women whose mothers were carrying extra pounds when pregnant are more likely to be fat and unhealthy themselves – even when in their 30s.


Simple blood test could show which women are at risk of postnatal depression

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One in seven women will experience postnatal depression after the birth of their baby - now scientists think they could spot those most at risk with a simple, accurate blood test.

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