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Occupational wellness

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Wellness zone with Phyllis Ogo Ogah

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Hello friends, welcome back from a wonderful Easter break. I am in my lazy mode because it still feels holidayish. I had a nice time and I hope you did too. The  last segment of wellness we ll be looking at this weekend is occupational wellness.

It means, "the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time."  Attitudes about work, school, and career goals greatly affect performance and interactions with others.
This definition basically refers to your ability to handle the stress that you are dealt every day at either work, or school, whatever the case may be.  Striving for occupational wellness takes much patience and concentration.  To achieve this, you must find a way to get all of your work done, while still having fun.   We have all had times when we are at work and it is so hard to concentrate, because we have so many things depending on us.  The important thing to remember is that we can't cave in when we feel pressured and let stress get the best of us. This dimension of wellness recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through work.
Occupational stress is hard to avoid at work, but it is easy to tell when it is getting to be too much to handle.  If there are ever times that it is hard to concentrate, or focus on your work, it has gotten out of hand.  It is actually a fact that if you are stressed and are trying to work, that you will actually be less productive, because you are more concerned about either getting your work done on time, or pleasing a superior.  If this stress is not controlled, and continues for long periods of time, it can cause numerous health problems and diseases. Also keeping a tidy an organized environment at work also reduces occupational stress. Avoid working in cramped and noisy places and  as these can increase body pains and high blood pressure. Also maintaining a healthy relationship with co-workers fosters a team spirit. If you have long working hours at a desk it is extremely helpful to get up and take a walk round the office before sitting down to continue with work.         Another type of occupational wellness has to do with students.   Many times, students try to "cram" for a test or stay up all night studying for a test because they feel so pressured to get a good grade.  This is very understandable because we all want to impress the people around us and do good academically, but there is also such thing as studying too hard.   This form of occupational wellness works in a chain effect.  The student first receives the assignment at school.  As time goes on and either a test or project presentation gets closer, the student becomes much more nervous and stressed.  During this time, we usually find ourselves procrastinating.  However, it is then the next part of the chain that causes the stress. 
To avoid this, as well as poor occupational health at work, we must take things one day at a time, working on things little by little.  If things start piling up, stress will most definitely occur.  One thing to remember is that the majority of the stress we have to manage is self-made.  Poor time management can often make us seem more stressed than what we really are, or what we could be.

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