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Cooking cabbage, the way you like it

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You don't need to attend culinary school to learn how to cook cabbage. It can be as easy as quartering a head of cabbage and placing the cabbage wedge in a pot of boiling water. Once cooked, all that is needed is a little butter, salt, and pepper. Apart from the salt and butter, you could add potatoes, corned beef, cooked shrimps, fish and spices for a unique taste.


Stomach soothing juice

Need a vegetable juicing recipe to ease a stomach ache? Try this:
* Juice ½ head of cabbage (save the pulp for Cole slaw).
* Juice 1 beet with the greens and save the pulp for later use.
* Juice 2 large kiwis.
* Mix all juices together in your fruit and vegetable juicer and you’ll have 2 ½ cups of delicious juice good for your heart, circulation, blood pressure, cancer prevention and digestion.

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