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Ways to create a more focused computer-based work environment (2)

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Whatever the case may be, location makes a difference for everyone in different ways. If you pay attention to your emotional responses to locations when working, you can start to dissect why those locations make you more productive. Doing so gives you an opportunity to identify elements in certain locations that you can reproduce later in your private office. You may not always be able to transport yourself to the place you find that you're most productive, but if your office can feel a little more like that location you can tap into what makes it your favourite place to work.

Staring At Your Computer Screen Increases Eye Strain and Reduces Productivity

I remember when a client of mine was on my neck to produce a dynamic website in just a day! As an individual trying to keep his clients close. I didn't have any choice than to stay glued to my laptop and produce what he wanted. After the completing his project, I had to stay off computer screen for almost 48 hours, which of cause had reduced the productivity on some other projects waiting to be completed. Many of us have jobs that require us to stare at a computer screen all day and this isn't good for our eyes.

Fortunately, free software comes to the rescue. First, EyeDefender can help remind you to take a break from your screen at regular intervals so you don't come down with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). There are also a few options for making reading easier on your eyes in low light. A neat app called F.lux can alter your screen brightness (and color) as the day goes on to make it gentler on your eyes. Every little bit can help if you have to stare at a screen but aren't too excited about going blind anytime soon. Lolz!

Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

If you're sitting down all day at work, the best thing you can do for your body is to ergonomically optimize your space. You've probably heard by now that sitting down all day is shortening your lifespan, but if you're not one for a standing desk, you can at least negate some of the unfortunate side effects like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), back problems, and more. RSI can affect more than just your hands and wrists. Poor posture can lead to severe neck and back injuries. Staring at a computer screen can lead to eye strain. Repetitive reaching for a mouse can lead to arm and neck strain as well as spinal asymmetry. Research more on the internet on how to best manage ergonomics.

The RSI guide can help you get set up to sit down and work in a way that will make your shortened lifespan much more comfortable. I will also be doing research on ergonomics soon on this site so watch out for it!

Organized Daily Communication Improves Productivity and Efficiencies

In my daily communication, I use all forms of social medium to get across to my clients, formally and informally. You can even organize your communication informally these social media like chatting, SMS, facebook, twitter, etc, which also give you an edge and also ideas on what to actually be the content of your formal communication.

Your workspace isn't the only thing that requires organization. If you're not organizing your communication to utilize speed-appropriate channels, you're wasting valuable time. Sometimes writing an email is the best way to handle an issue, but other times you can be more effective on something more concise like Twitter/text messaging or something more live like instant messaging. You may be able to talk through an issue much faster by actually talking about it in person. Before choosing to communicate using your default means, think about what the fastest and most effective method would be. Once you start sorting your communication effectively, you'll free up much more of your time to do the work you need to get done.

Music elevates the mood

Put together a work-friendly playlist. Sometimes, if I have to work through the night, I have an array of music that lifts the mood, I'm not talking about slo mo music, I mean music that rocks the dizziness out. Working in silence all day isn't necessarily the most productive option. In fact, music can make you more productive. Some classical music has been suspected to boost your spatial-temporal reasoning (although not everyone agrees), but the rhythm and pace of the music you're listening to can also help to get you moving at the right pace. On top of that, music can elicit a useful emotional response to get you going when motivation is lacking and block out other distractions that would be considerably more audible in a silent room. You should build the best playlist you can with songs that work well for you.

Disarray Drawers?

Organize your office drawers by implementing the low of priority ordinance for quick access to essential items. Searching for items in your desk drawers obviously isn't productive if you're disorganized, but having everything in its place isn't necessarily the most efficient way to access your items. You also ought to create a hierarchy so your most commonly used items are in the top drawer and the content of the remaining drawers are less relevant as you work your way down. This way you'll spend little time looking for items as the drawer that's easiest to access will be the one that you reach for first.

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