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Cartelopia By Aisha Yolah

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This week we give the floor to all esteemed readers of this column who have taken the time to send me feedback whether by email or text (SMS).  As usual the protocol I observe is publishing names and location but not numbers or email adresses. Some comments are edited. Also only those responses with the writer's name and/or location included are considered.
All comments are deeply appreciated. Positive or negative, thought-provoking, angry, or educating and interesting, this commentary is important. It is apparent that there are real conversations about our development taking place away from the Cartelopian fraud  of  meaningless probes and staggering 'revelations' of old, well-established criminal enterprise in the public sector. More on that game of Russian roulette called our anti-corruption drive next week.
Re: Saying no to Spring - 20/10/11
Cartelopia is in the tropics, [there is] no spring, only summer. That's why we are always celebrating. We'd rather hold carnivals than protest marches, even in the face of the worst abuses. ..But I believe something will give soon.
— Alex O., Abuja.
Turns out you were very right Alex. The protest marches that took place in January  2012 took even organisers by surprise with their nationwide success. Of course our Cartelopian ruling elite including the Labour union leadership soon closed ranks with a clever two track strategy. Anyone calling for complete honesty and transparency were either labelled coup plotter or Northern tribalist! AY
I was enjoying your Peoples Daily article when suddenly I stopped. How anyone can joke about a deceased or otherwise crack jokes at their expense is beyond me. Late President Umar Musa Yar'adua deserves more than that. Because of the sour crack at his expese I could not read to the end...
— Yunusa, Katsina.
This satirical piece, 'Saying No to Spring'  was written in the voice of a die-hard, Jonathan supporter who is trying to convince the sceptical  reader that Nigeria needs no protests like that of the Arab Spring...to the extent of painting President Jonathan as some kind of messiah over the man (Yar'Adua) who chose him (Jonathan) as his vice-president. No offence was intended. AY

Re:Theories of Boko Horror (1) -10/11/2011
I have gone through your [piece] and am full of admiration. Pls keep on telling the truth whether they like it or not. Best regards.
— Hassan Rihogi

Re: Full Powered Disclosure (Repeat)- 17/11/2011
You have spoken our mind. The write-up is a masterpiece. Keep it up.
— Yusuf H. Adams, Garaku, Nasarawa State.

Re: False Flag Operations - 8/12/2011
Aisha, Dont u think there r more logical ways to handle issues than killing ourselves? What impression r we giving [fellow Nigerians], that we can sacrifice our unity  4 cheap political gain? These group or individuals should have given President Jonathan their support for just these 4 years he asked for. — Usman, Abuja
Logically speaking and thinking, not much of what happens in Cartelopia actually makes sense, on the surface that is. I think we Nigerians need to start looking a little more closely and critically - including at relentless official doctrine that seeks to paint Jonathan as helpless victim. AY

Re:Theories of Boko Horror (4)  19/01/2012
Assalam Aisha, was able to read the concluding part of Theories of BH. Well done Aisha. I cant stop wondering how the police can afford o let this main suspect [Kabiru Sokoto] escape. — Hadiza Garba, Abuja

Re: The Maiduguri Treatment -26/01/2012
One life lost in cold blood'according to Dele Giwa, 'is as gruesomeas millions lost in a pogrom'. My condolences to Kanawa for the innocent lives lost during the attacksof last Friday. And thank you so much Aisa, for the beautiful write-up...Am glad that vigilant, fair writers like yu have started appreciating and sympathising over the travails of Maidugurians. Insha Allah, it is a temporary eclipse.The Borno Sun will start illuminating the African landscape very soon.
— Kashim Shettima, Governor Borno State.
Ameen,thumma, ameen!AY

Re: Death of Patriots 09/03/12
Good morning. Don't you think [the late] Professor Sam Aluko ...doesn't deserve such praises?
— Sanusi Shuaibu, Katsina
Excellent question Malam Sanusi. My answer to this question is simple: that good people are good and deserving of praise regardless of their religion, colour or creed, especially if they are NOT shameless brigands, thieves, fraudsters or political thugs who still attend oracle,  church and/ or mosque religiously.
Our herd mentality of seeing good only in those 'similar' to us is counterproductive, making it easy for us to be manipulated along religious or regional lines as is happening right now in Nigeria.
More, importantly I also think that the onus is on us Muslims, to educate and convince well-meaning Non-Muslim intellectuals like the late Sam Aluko that  Islamic Banking is not only our right to have (and why) but also to demonstrate our religion's  positive value to our nation and lives, by being better Muslims. Even in America with all the Islamophobia and anti-Islam propaganda people are still converting to Islam - for a reason… Thank you so much for this frank questioning. AY

Re: Just Handover, Please! 08/03/12
You really made me happy today..The systematic deindustrialization of the North, especially Kano is quite true..it started with Abulsalami, then uncle Obasanjo and now under Ebele…Thank you.
— Kabiru Tsakuwa, Kano

Re: Is Jonathan listening? - 21/03/2012
Your article exposes the arrogance of leadership that is supposedly democratic in turning deaf ears to serious national issues.
One is inclined to believe that the current leadership is implementing a well orchestrated design to ostracize the North. Let those who would want to hunt others know that the jungle contains those that will hunt the hunters. Only those that have hearts full of compassion listen. …So help us God.
— Muhammad Basheer, Katsina
Amen to that! AY

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